Have I told you about that one time I...


When I was little, I was robbed by a gang of Miltanks. They took my money and the berries I had collected for my own Pokemon.

Do not trust cute Pokemon.

Anonymous said: u are such a cute old man lemme squeeze u

Oh my, thank you!

-old man smooches on your cheeks-

rotom-is-the-bomb said: you'd really make me one?! /starts sparking and giggling./ that would be wonderful!!! can it look like a fridge? ooh, or maybe a lawnmower! that way i could be a lawnmower without havng to be a lawnmower and it would be amazing and great!!


I will have to commission ancient hatters from Sinnoh to make this hat, but yes, we can make it look like a lawnmower!

Don’t worry dear, this hat shall be made!

rotom-is-the-bomb said: /slips up under his hat anyway, flying around and modeling it for the world.

-Grabs camera and takes beautiful photos to post to secret fashion blog.-

You look lovely in my hat!

Perhaps we can make you one…

rotom-is-the-bomb said: can i posess your hat? or at least wear it because it looks so fun!

You can’t posses my hat, silly, my hat isn’t electronic!

… I think.

Maybe someone put a voice recorder in there again, this happens every-so-often…

wallyburninglungs said: (( he y youre really great okay... you dont have to be super funny or anyhting i mean... lookit me i barely post and half the time its feelings with my daddies,, but ilasgoc still accepts me and theyll accept you!! we enjoyhaving you here and its okay justb eing a fun old guy with stories and stuff its rrly nice ))


mynameisnotsylvia-deactivated20 said: daddddddddddddd



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I have returned from apologizing to a bunch of people in a small village for the misdeeds of Team Plasma.

In bedazzled robes.

My life is exciting.